Jan van Zanen congratulates Diplomat Magazine on its tenth anniversary, 10 November 2023



Distinguished guests,

Dear host Sven,

Diplomat Magazine is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

My warmest congratulations to Mayelinne De Lara and her team.

Diplomat Magazine saw the light of day in a remarkable year: 2013.

The year in which the Netherlands marked the bicentenary of its Kingdom and the Peace Palace began its centenary celebrations.

Important milestones, also for The Hague, as the seat of government and Parliament, the Royal residence and international city of peace and justice.

In short, “it was a very good year” as Sinatra once sang.

Don’t worry, I will stick to speaking and leave the singing to the professionals…

That we are an international city and centre of diplomacy is thanks to you.

It is you who give The Hague its unique character: a city where the world is at home.

We, the municipality, for our part, will always do our best to accommodate you and the international organisations by providing you with suitable premises.

We are happy to help wherever we can.

Not only so you can optimally do your important work but also so that you will feel at home in our city.

Mayelinne and her staff are a great support to us in that respect.

Indeed, the international community in The Hague is well-served with Diplomat Magazine, its website and newsletter which, together, provide an effective communication platform.

A very important platform for The Hague’s diplomatic circles.

Therefore, in addition to our congratulations, a word of wholehearted thanks is certainly due here.

A word of thanks, on behalf of the municipality, for Diplomat Magazine’s contribution to The Hague, international city of peace and justice.

A contribution we should certainly not underestimate.

I very much hope that you will carry on with this magnificent and important work.

It makes The Hague a city of even greater international allure.

I wish you all a splendid evening.