Speech by Jan van Zanen at the re-opening of the NCI Agency, 20 June 2023


Distinguished guests,


“It is the task of government to promote the development of the international rule of law.”

States Article 90 of the Dutch Constitution.

As the international city of peace and justice, The Hague sees it as its task to support that principle in whatever way we can.

We do that in various ways, to start with by providing international organisations and their staff with the best possible accommodation.


NATO has been at home in The Hague for 68 years now.

An apt location for an organisation that values peace and security.

It was during the post World War II period of reconstruction that NATO opened its Air Defence Technical Centre here.

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) is more recent.

The presence of the NCIA contributes significantly to The Hague being able to call itself a centre of expertise in all things cyber-related.


That starts with cyber security, of course.

Because everything depends on a safe, reliable and accessible internet.

Naturally, the NCIA is a partner in The Hague Security Delta, which brings together the most important players in the field.

The International Cybersecurity Summer School offered by the NCIA, Europol and The Hague Security Delta has become a leading course in the field.

It is all about creating a digital world in which freedom, security, economic growth and social development go hand in hand.


At this time when geopolitical developments give cause for concern, the raison d’être of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has been clearly re-affirmed:

To guarantee the peace, security and freedom of its member states.

The city of The Hague feels privileged to have NATO here.

I warmly congratulate all NCIA staff on your beautifully renovated complex.

It reflects the prestige of your organisation.

I think it would also be a wonderful place to work.

I am pleased that the municipality was able to contribute to the landscaping around it.

Good luck and remember: we are always here for you.