Welkomstwoord Internationaal Rozenconcours, 4 juli 2024


Dames en heren, ladies and gentlemen, members of the jury,

Hartelijk welkom in het Westbroekpark vandaag, bij de 62e editie van het Internationaal Rozenconcours.

Met het oog op de vele buitenlandse gasten zal ik mijn welkomstwoord in het Engels vervolgen.


My name is Jan van Zanen and this is the first time that I can welcome you to this special event on behalf of the municipal executive of The Hague.

I am proud that we can show this beautiful part of The Hague to guests from all over the world for the 62nd time today and that you have all come to vote for the Golden Rose of The Hague.

In 1961, the Mayor and Aldermen organized the first International Rose Competition here in the Westbroekpark. There are now approximately 350 rose beds and a total of approximately 22,000 rose bushes.

Thanks to the annual submissions of new roses by the growers, we can keep the rosarium up to standard. I would like to thank you very much for this.

I am also very proud of all those people who ensure that the rosarium looks so beautiful again. With roses, perennials, shrubs, lawns and trees, this remains a unique place. Day in, day out, our gardeners work in this park to prepare for this special day every year. Thank you gardeners from the municipality! And also a special thank you to all the volunteers who come every Monday to help to get these roses looking their best.

We are organizing the Day of the Rose again here in the Westbroekpark this Sunday. We do this together with the Groei & Bloei afdeling Den Haag. This group of volunteers has been committed to making and keeping residents of The Hague enthusiastic about a green living environment for 150 years. Plant exchange fairs, green walks, plant workshops and the organization of the National Geranium Market on the Lange Voorhout. And you probably understand that I am extra proud as patron of this The Hague department.

At the request of many of you, another afternoon program has been organized after lunch. Of course you will hear more about this later. But I can already reveal that a tour through beautiful The Hague by tram will take you to the most beautiful places and the guide will point out special features of The Hague.

From June 8 to 30, all visitors to the Westbroekpark could vote for their favorite rose again. Because it is good that you as professionals choose the most beautiful rose in The Hague today, but the goal is of course that the roses you grow are appreciated by the consumer. At the end of the afternoon, the winning rose will be awarded: The 2024 Audience Award.

But I am of course most curious about the rose that you choose as the winner as the Golden Rose of The Hague. And which rose will be honored with the prize for the best scented rose.

I want some red roses for a blue lady, mister florist take my order please.

We had a silly quarrel the other day, I hope these pretty flowers chase her blues away.

I wish you a lot of wisdom in judging the roses, but above all a nice and enjoyable day and a very pleasant stay in our city.