Good evening everyone,


What an honour it is to be among this illustrious company for the launch of the Dutch edition of the world-renown Forbes magazine.

In this delightful stately building, Kasteel de Wittenburg.

Which, in its modesty, contrasts somewhat with the palaces of the flamboyant Malcolm Forbes (and their fabulous contents).

But, what else would you expect? This is the Netherlands…

Even in Wassenaar.

Hopefully, my colleague Leendert de Lange will forgive me this bit of mischief…


Annette Wijdom must take the kudos, however.

Because it was Annette, as the organizer of major events at home in Monaco, who dared to take on the Dutch edition of Forbes magazine, now more than 100 years old.

Even in the uncertain times brought by the pandemic.

But with success, as borne out by this celebration.

The driving force behind it all is Luiz Costa Macambira, the man at the wheel of Forbes Monaco.

And licence holder for Forbes Nederland.

So this must be a  special day for you too, Mister Costa Macambira.

Congratulations to you all.


Everyone knows Forbes, of course, from its lists.

Whatever you may think of them – some would really like to be on one, others not – these lists are a phenomenon.

Always a topic of discussion.

But that’s enough from me: now it’s time to reveal the cover of Forbes Nederland.